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Book: "The Locum Life:

A Physician's Guide to Locum Tenens"


Chapter 1: What is locum tenens?

Chapter 2: A brief history of locum tenens

Chapter 3: Advantages of locum tenens

Chapter 4: Disadvantages of locum tenens

Chapter 5: Locums after residency

Chapter 6: Locums mid-career

Chapter 7: Locums pre-retirement

Chapter 8: Choosing an agency

Chapter 9: Hospital privileges, state licenses, and DEA registration

Chapter 10: Physician privacy

Chapter 11: Malpractice-Avoiding litigation

Chapter 12: Malpractice insurance-Tail or no tail?

Chapter 13: Contracts and compensation

Chapter 14: Taxes and business expenses

Chapter 15: Mobile office

Chapter 16: Electronic Medical Record

Chapter 17: Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Chapter 18: Travel Tips

Chapter 19: Strategies for Success

Chapter 20: Tales from the Trenches

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