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Sinking Your Teeth into real estate

Many thanks to Jeff Anzalone, DDS, for sharing his hard-earned wisdom about passive real estate investing during this 20-minute interview. Just two months before starting his first job, his new employer canceled the contract without explanation. Jeff found himself $300,000 in debt, saddled with a mortgage, and faced with supporting a young family. Jeff had to resort to one of his previous professions to pay the bills, mowing the neighbors’ lawns. That experience was his wake-up call regarding the need for more than one income stream.

Since then, Jeff has created a successful periodontal practice and thoroughly enjoys his work. He also has learned about the benefits of a passive income stream from real estate. This second income stream has provided him with more family time and peace of mind. When his practice shut down for two months because of COVID-19, he successfully weathered the economic fallout thanks to passive income from his real estate investments.

Jeff freely shares his expertise with others. You can receive his free guide on his website, For more information: SHOW LESS

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