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Vaccination-My Why

I'm amazed that it's still necessary to express a strong opinion regarding the importance of vaccination. As if the fact that more than 2,000 people die every day in the US from COVID-19 infection isn't sufficient argument to get vaccinated, here's a sad tale from my own city.

A 37 year old physician, newly married, died from a delayed immune response to COVID. This type of reaction is much more common in children but has been reported in a couple-dozen adults. All the more reason why I hope the vaccination process speeds up so that everyone, including children, can protect themselves against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

It should be clear by now that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is very democratic. It doesn't restrict itself to any specific ethnic group, gender, nationality, or religion. While it tends to be more lethal in the elderly and those with other health problems, even otherwise healthy people can die.

If you have access to the vaccine, please get it. In the meantime, defend yourself with mask wearing, handwashing, and social distancing. If you are not concerned for yourself, consider these small gestures a favor to health professionals overwhelmed with the Herculean task of caring for critically ill patients suffering from COVID-19, a disease for which there is no cure.

I never thought it would be necessary to make a logical case for COVID-19 vaccination, perhaps one of the safest and highest yield interventions in all of medicine. I've written about how good I felt after my second shot. That article received 29,000 shares!

A shot in the arm could save yourself, your neighbor, and your local health professionals from sickness and death. Why not join the millions of people who have been safely vaccinated and help make the pandemic go away?

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