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Underwater with Dr. Andrew

Many of you will notice a new photo on my home page taken while scuba diving. That photo intends to draw attention to my other podcast, "Underwater with Dr. Andrew." Over the last 12 years, I have added more than 70 videos to this channel. These videos are NOT raw footage, but highly edited and curated for a discerning audience. New videos appear when time and opportunity allow.

"Psychiatric Times" asked me to do a short program on my scuba diving hobby for their show "After Hours" and featured it on "Medical World News." During this 5-minute video, I discuss my passion for scuba diving followed by a short reel of my best underwater videos.

Here it is:

For more underwater videos, please check out:

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My professional podcast, "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner," focuses on the arts, business, and clinical aspects of medicine. The Art of Medicine has appeared every 2 weeks without fail for the last three years, and there are already more than 80 episodes! It's available on Youtube and your favorite podcast player. is the current sponsor, and you can get more information from them here:

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