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Joe Friel-Elite Training Coach

Many thanks to Joe Friel, elite training coach, exercise scientist, and author of "The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World's Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 5th Edition," Fast After Fifty, and other books for the athletes and would-be athletes among us. Joe started as a high school athlete, and his passion for exercise never waned. He's worked as a coach for more than 40 years and loves it. Joe's 80 years young and still going strong. He works out 2 hours/day just about every day of the week and is in the middle of writing another exercise training book.

During our 30-minute discussion, we talked about exercise. Joe stressed the importance of proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and how exercise can be effective no matter what your age. For those having trouble getting started, Joe also shares the best motivator. We had a fun discussion, and I learned a lot!

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