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Spectrum of Migraine with Stephen Landy, MD

Many thanks to Stephen Landy, MD, for sharing his expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of migraine on The Art of Medicine. Dr. Landy graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in 1982 (where I am currently Associate Professor of Neurology). He has participated in headache research and treated patients with headache for nearly four decades.

I recently had the opportunity to attend one of Dr. Landy’s presentations on treating chronic migraine with Botox. I was impressed with the depth of his experience and holistic approach to migraine treatment. During our 20-minute discussion, we discussed the diagnosis of migraine, frequency in the general population, identification, and avoidance of triggers, lifestyle modification, as well as abortive and prophylactic medication. (As a migraine sufferer myself, I shared a few personal anecdotes as well!)

Dr. Landy directs a headache clinic in Tupelo, MS, where he specializes in patients with difficult to treat migraine and those with chronic pain.

More info at his website: https://landyhe.com

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