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More on Locums!

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I just did a podcast interview on the Doc Lounge Podcast about one of my favorite topics, locum tenens!

During this discussion, I explained how locum tenens helped me discover that neurology would be my subspecialty and how it helped me throughout the years. Locums has expanded my horizons regarding different approaches to clinical medicine and address the ongoing challenge of work/life balance. I also offer some advice on how to make locums work for you.

You can find the Doc Lounge Podcast on your favorite podcast player or listen here:

Learn how New Zealand fits in to the locum world!

Let me know what you think!

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For more entertainment, watch "Underwater with Dr. Andrew" on YouTube.

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Finally, many thanks to The Art of Medicine's wonderful sponsor, CompHealth, the first locum tenens company. If you are interested in locum tenens, or considering a new full-time position, please go to Tell them Dr. Wilner sent you!

Thanks for listening!

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