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Job Search Wisdom From a Physician Recruiter

Episode #10, recorded April 16, 2020.

Many thanks to Andy Fadenholz, a physician recruiter at RosmanSearch, Inc., for joining me today on The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner. Andy specializes in placing neurologists and neurosurgeons. We discussed the advantages of using a recruitment firm that specializes in a specific market and is aware of all the subspecialty areas within that specialty, such as an academic role, EMG specialist, neurohospitalist, neurointerventionalist, or outpatient-only neurologist.

Andy mentioned that his firm pre-screens potential employers and won’t contract with employers who don’t meet their professional standards. Andy also makes site visits to employers and residency training programs, recently visiting my own University of Tennessee. He helps educate residents on aspects of the business of medicine, such as RVUs, salary structure, and competitive salaries for the various subspecialties.

Andy explained that “hand-holding” is part of his job. Agents at his firm act as a bridge between the physician applicant and the hiring facility. He encouraged physicians to reach out to program directors who may not even be advertising a position because there might be an unmet need for a new faculty member. His group has created a document of best practices for Zoom interviews, which are now replacing in-person interviews during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To contact Andy, please check the website: or email:

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