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Eat Your Way to Health with Colin Zhu, DO

Please check out this 20 minute interview with Colin Zhu, DO, Locum Tenens physician, chef, and health guru.

Audio: Colin Zhu, DO, is a locum tenens family physician and author of “Thrive Medicine: How to Cultivate Your Desires and Elevate Your Life.” Colin is a multidimensional physician—he tries to merge Eastern and Western medical philosophies and obtained a culinary degree. Colin discusses how diverse locum experiences locums helped him find his niche as a physician and achieve professional and personal goals. As a locums physician, he also enjoyed the opportunity to mentor students.

Colin discusses his brand, “thechefdoc.” He is also certified as a coach and board-certified in lifestyle medicine and has a podcast. Colin helps people understand more about their bodies and achieve wellness. He recently launched a masterclass series available at thr5 medicine.

Many thanks to Colin Zhu, DO, for participating in this episode of "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner."

Your feedback is welcome, and please share how you achieve lifestyle balance! For more fascinating interviews, please subscribe!

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