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burke Allen interviews Dr Andrew Wilner on Big Time Talker Podcast

Thanks to veteran radio host Burke Allen for inviting me to his "Big Time Talker" weekly podcast. Our interview, "The importance of the in-person and caring physician with Dr. Andrew Wilner," was released yesterday on Blog Talk Radio and all the usual streaming podcast sites. Here's the link:

Burke was an amazing host and posed challenging questions. To begin, he asked about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on my professional and personal life. We also discussed the ethical considerations raised by a physician in Alabama who refuses to treat unvaccinated patients. Burke probed the pros and cons of the growing practice of telemedicine and how it affects the doctor-patient relationship. Last but not least, we discussed how the practice of locum tenens can benefit physicians and patients.

#telemedicine #pandemic #COVID19 #locums #locumtenens #locumphysician #unvaccinated #medicalethics #thelocumlife #doctorpatientrelationship

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