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An Unexpected COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effect

Many thanks to Kevin Pho, MD, from, for inviting me to discuss my essay, "An unexpected COVID-19 vaccine side effect." Over the years, I've written several articles for, but this is the first time I've had an opportunity to speak with Kevin on his podcast. Maybe it had something to do with my article getting 38,000 shares!

During the interview, Kevin brought me through my own experience of COVID-19 vaccination. Initially, I suffered trepidation regarding the safety of this hastily prepared elixir, but my hesitancy was easily overcome by the promise of immunity from a horrible, lethal disease.

We discussed the wide-ranging articles that appear on and how they help medicine's efforts to expand diversity and inclusivity. I also had an opportunity to discuss one of my favorite essays that appeared on KevinMD, "Life hacks from a 9- month-old infant."

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