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Who Practices Locums?

I learned a lot about locums from writing yesterday's blog; there's full-time locums, part-time locums, and moonlighting on top of another job. It's all on yesterday's pie chart.

I wanted to explore the various age groups of people who practice locums, so I looked into that and found some data from Staffcare. Here's another pie chart.

I was surprised to see that about half of locums docs are "mid-career." These are well-established docs with well-established skills, in a good position to face the challenges of practicing in different places. But the slide shows that locum docs are all across the board in terms of career stages, from those just starting out to "retirement." ("Retired" seems a misnomer if they are practicing locums!)

I suspect that all groups will grow; post-residency docs who want to experience different work environments, mid-career docs facing declining reimbursements and increased expenses, and pre-retirement docs who don't want to (or can't afford to) retire.

It will be very interesting to see how locum tenens evolves in our dynamic medical marketplace over the next few years!

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