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What's Forever For?

Thanks to Vanessa and Dr. George Naum for joining me on "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner!"

For more than 25 years, Vanessa and George have volunteered as marriage coaches. George also had a long career as a family physician. My guests' passion for helping couples navigate marriage has evolved into a full-time job and given birth to a thoughtful new book, "What's Forever For?" In the book, they draw from their personal experiences and those they have counseled.

Please join us for this 25-minute interview to learn more about the potential pitfalls of physician marriages and strategies to avoid and overcome them.

You can reach Vanessa and George at their website: Best Friends Again. I think the title of their website tells a lot! Their work is inspired by their faith in God and desire to help those whose marriages falter.

Dr. Naum's book, "What's Forever For?" is available at Best Friends Again and

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