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Wealth Management with Bill Martin, CFA

Updated: Jan 22

Many thanks to Bill Martin, CFA, Chief Wealth Officer at Earned Wealth, for discussing wealth management for physicians.

During this 30-minute program, we discuss the unique and sometimes challenging financial situation of physicians. For example, although doctors may be relatively high earners, because of lengthy postgraduate training programs that can last up to 7 years after medical school, doctors may not start earning high salaries until much later than their nonphysician peers. In addition, they are often saddled with enormous college and medical school debt.

Bill explains his approach to helping physicians optimize their investments and savings to ultimately achieve “financial wellness.” He contrasts wealth managers who operate as “fiduciaries” versus “brokers.” He also defines the designations “CFP” and “CFA.”

Bill is the author of “The Smart Financial Advisor,” which offers tips to his colleagues about employing financial technology and goals-based investing.

I think you’ll enjoy listening to Bill explain a little bit about financial services and how they may apply to your situation.

N.B. For our listeners, Earned Wealth is offering $500 towards your Wealth Diagnostic with code ArtOfMed. The Wealth Diagnostic is a deep check-up on your finances, billed on a flat fee. Learn more here:

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