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Updated Art of Medicine Guest Library

As I prepare to record the 80th episode of "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner," I would like to thank all my guests for generously sharing their time and expertise. It's not always easy to speak about your work while being recorded on video for 30 minutes! We've covered a wide variety of topics, including brain death, food as medicine, expert witness work, locum tenens, music as medicine, space medicine, spirituality, taxes, and many others.

During these interviews, I try to make our Zoom call a pleasant experience for each guest. I recently received unsolicited feedback that suggests these efforts may be successful:

Of the over 150 podcast guest appearances that I did last year, being your guest on episode #60, May 29, 2022, was truly an honor and one of my most enjoyable.

One of my podcast goals is to highlight the important and wonderful work that many people do, which often goes unrecognized. High on the list of chronically underappreciated achievements are nonfiction and fiction books. Writing a book is an enormous undertaking requiring vision, craft, time, and perhaps most importantly, stamina! As an author of four books, I know how much persistence is required to write a book worth reading!

To highlight my guest's books, I have updated the library section of my website:

Each icon has a direct link to Amazon.* In some cases, the authors have more books than I've featured. These other books should be easily located on Amazon.

I draw on this Library to select books for my own reading. I'm currently immersed in "How Heroes Heal," an insightful view into PTSD by Marilyn Wooley, Ph.D. Marilyn is a psychologist with extensive experience treating first responders with PTSD. She has thought a lot about the topic and shares her sensitive observations and treatment approaches. It's a great read. Marilyn's interview will post on January 22, 2023.

In 2023, I plan to feature more authors and explore new topics. Please join me for another year of "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner." In addition to the YouTube version, "The Art of Medicine" is available on audio wherever you get your podcasts.

I'm also pleased to announce that will continue its sponsorship for 2023. More info on locum tenens here:

*These are affiliate links, which means I receive a tiny commission. There is no increased cost to the purchaser.

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