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The Extraordiary Life of an Ordinary Man: interview with Thomas Schneider, MD

This episode of "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner" is really a lot of fun! I had the pleasure of interviewing Thomas Schneider, MD, author of "The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man."

I first heard Tom talk about his book on Burke Allen's podcast, "The Big Time Talker," and I was totally blown away. Tom started out as a ne'er do well, almost became a Jesuit Priest, enlisted in the Navy and became a fighter pilot (think Top Gun), survived being shot down three times, had a brief stint as a test pilot (crashed again!), became a Navy family physician, an ENT surgeon, and the list of adventures goes on.

Tom has had an incredible, unusual, and not entirely pleasant life, from which he has taken away awesome lessons that everyone can learn from. Tom wrote this book from the heart without any politically correct BS. He writes like he talks.

Please listen to this 20-minute interview. I guarantee you will want to read his book. It's extraordinary!

As always, thanks for watching (listening). Your comments are always welcome!

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