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The Art of medicine with dr andrew wilner: 4000 downloads!

The Art of Medicine podcast is my passion project. I don't outsource or have a virtual assistant. It's fun scheduling, interviewing, editing, marketing, and producing "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner!" I've even made a few Zoom friends along the way.

The YouTube version has 299 subscribers! Audio downloads just reached 4,000! After nearly 70 episodes, the podcast has reached the top 50% of all podcasts with respect to the number of downloads.

Many thanks to my guests who share their personal and professional experiences to make these programs enjoyable and informative! There's a list of the programs at the bottom of this article. You can find the links under the "videos" tab at The Art of Medicine even has a wonderful sponsor,

If you watch the show on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast player, thank you! If you enjoy the show, please share with your friends and colleagues. Reviews are welcome. Please contact me with suggestions to make it better!

I'm looking forward to many more great guests and stimulating conversations in the upcoming months!

Next stop, 5,000 downloads!

Thank you!

Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner Episodes

71 Spencer Bishins-Social Security Disability Revealed-coming up!

70 David Feldman, MD, MBA-malpractice insurance-coming up!

69 Erika Kappes, DO-women in military medicine

68 Jarin Dana-President-Elect NALTO

67 Kathleen Donnelly Israel-Wisdom on the Camino

66 Serene Shereef, MD-Trauma surgeon and work/life balance

65 Scott McDermott-Ultraman

64 Heather Fork, MD-medical coaching

63 Ronald Pies, MD-psychiatry and writing

62 Robert Mueller and Robert Snyder, DPM, Actigraft: A new product for wound healing

61 Christopher Loo, MD-financial independence

60 Dave Coombs-Rachel’s Song

59 Vanessa and Dr. George Naum-Marriage Coaching

58 Dena Barnett-filmaker-spiritual healing

57 Tammy Euliano, MD-Fatal Intent

56 John Jurica, MD-A Newscript for Nonclinical Careers

55 Michelle Johnston, PhD-The Seismic Shift in Leadership

54 Debra Blaine, MD-Undue Influences (2nd novel)

53 Ruth Gotian Ed.D,, M.S.-The Success Factor

52 Armin Feldman-forensic medicine update

51 Tom Schneider, MD-The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man

50 Kate Mangona, MD-Medicine, Marriage, and Money

49 Stephanie Freeman, MD-Locum Tenens: The best-kept secret in medicine

48 Robyn Tiger, MD-The self-care doctor

47 Larry West III-Precision tax strategies

46 Veena Jetti-Real Estate Investment for Physicians

45 Edward Halperin, MD-History of medicine and antisemitism

44 Karina Marshall-Goebel, PhD-Space Medicine

43 Rhonda Finnie, DNP, APRN-Advanced Practice Clinicians in Neurology

42 Brian Bradley, Esq.-Asset Protection

41 Leighann Landy, FNP-C-MedSpa vs. DaySpa

40 Rip Patel, MD-Locum Tenens and ER Medicine

39 Pamela Finnie, RN-Stop the Bleed

38 Maheen Mausoof Adamson, PhD-Gender differences in TBI

37 Colin Zhu, DO-thechefdoc and THR5 medicine

36 Robin Dickinson, MD-Dr. Robin’s School for Premedical Kids

35 William Tarver, MD-NASA Physician

34 Bret Stetka, MD-A History of the Human Brain

33 Jason Collier, DDS-GoodGuy Coffee

32 Stephen Landy, MD-Spectrum of Migraine

31 Kyla Plaxton-Acupressure

30 Donnie Bell, MD-licensing and credentialing

29 Ken Sommerville, MD-Pharma

28 Jennifer Frontera, MD, COVID database

27 Kenneth Tyler, MD-COVID19 and viruses

26 Armin Feldman, MD-forensic medicine

25 David Weinstock-physician scientist

24 Maureen Czick-COVID19 and locums

23 Jeff Anzalone-finance

22 Gene Sung, MD (brain death)

21 Bruce and Dianne Milner (real estate)

20 Dr. Naidoo-food as medicine

19 Alfred Alcorn-author

18 Dennis Leber-cybersecurity

17 James Gordon, MD-wellness

16 Anita White-medical artist

15 Paul Hill, MD-COVID19 mental health

14 Michael Weisberg, MD-physician fiction writer

13 Rabbi Abe Schacter-spiritual aspects

12 Paul Gross, MD-medical arts

11 Clint Hermes-legal aspects of biomedical research

10 Andy Fadenholz-full-time recruiter

09 Justin Allison-locum tenens recruiter

08 Robert McClean, MD-COVID19

07.5 Michelle Mudge-Riley, MD-nonclinical careers

07 John Jurica, MD-nonclinical careers

06 Johanna Fox, CPA, CFA-finance

05 Debra Blaine, MD-author

04 Rabbi Jeremy Simons-spiritual aspects

03 Ben Nanney, CPA, CFP-finance

02 Nichole Paskett-locum tenens recruiter

01 Nichole Paskett-locum tenens recruiter


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