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Tax Planning with Larry West III

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Show Notes:

Many thanks to Larry West III, MBA, EA, a tax planner with Precision Tax Planning, LLC, for joining me on today’s episode of “The Art of Medicine.” Larry was referred by Veena Jetti, an expert in Class B real estate. Veena shared her investment expertise on “The Art of Medicine” a couple of weeks ago.

During this 20-minute episode, Larry explained that tax planning requires a proactive approach. As an “EA,” an “enrolled agent,” he is licensed to represent individuals to the internal revenue service (IRS). Larry has worked as an EA for the last eight years and can serve clients in all 50 states.

According to Larry, tax planning is most important for business owners and investors. Tax strategies can include deductions and employing family members. These family members could also profit from employer-sponsored retirement plans and other fringe benefits.

When it comes to mounting an effective defense before an audit, documentation is critical. Employed family members must have a job description, records of hours worked, and an appropriate salary for the type of work.

According to Larry, social security and medicare taxes can be avoided for children under 17 when employed under the proper entity such as an LLC.

For additional tips on building wealth and “legal loopholes,” reach out to Larry at

Thanks for watching!

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