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Andrew Tisser, MD, host of the Talk2MeDoc podcast, celebrated his 100th episode by putting together a reel of his most enthusiastic guests. He asked each one to provide their best advice for new physicians.

You can listen to Talk2MeDoc on your favorite podcast player. I had the privilege of appearing on Andrew's show way back on Episode #56 where we discussed locum tenens:

This is a great compilation of terrific advice from 27 former guests who have thought a lot about their own careers, some of whom provide professional career advice. You can hear my pithy remarks about 35 minutes into Episode #100.

More info about Dr. Tisser here:

If you enjoy podcasts, don't forget to listen to "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner." This week's program features unique advice on "Medicine, Marriage, and Money" from Kate Mangona, MD.

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