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Snake in the Grass

No, this isn't a snarky commentary about a politician or corporate executive; this blog recounts an actual encounter I had with a snake in the grass. It was a large Diamondback Watersnake (Nerodia rhombifer) at the Big Oak Tree State Park in East Prairie, MO. While exploring the edge of the pond, I nearly stumbled over the creature, and it quickly slithered into the water. Check out the stills and video, all shot with an iPhone 7.

It's an interesting coincidence because just the month before, I found a juvenile Diamondback Watersnake just a few blocks from my home in Memphis, TN. He somehow had found his way into the street, probably from the adjacent Wolf River. You can see this lively little snake in this video:

A little research revealed that the Diamondback is a common snake in this area, found in rivers, streams, ponds, and swamps. It grows to about 4 feet. Although nonvenomous, it's known to deliver a painful bite thanks to sharp teeth optimized for catching fish.

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