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Robin Dickinson: Physician Turned Schoolteacher

Please join me for a fun-filled discussion with Robin Dickinson, MD, creator of “Dr. Robin’s School,” an online pre-medical school for children curious about human physiology.

Dr. Dickinson is a board-certified family physician whose teaching career began in the third grade—when she was a third-grade student! Tasked with tutoring the worst math student in the class, she discovered that helping others learn was challenging, fun, and satisfying.

Dr. Dickinson continued to indulge her passion for teaching by explaining human physiology to her family practice patients. Then, when the pandemic hit, and she had to close her practice, Dr. Dickinson created Dr. Robin’s School. Designed for children who want to learn about the human body, lessons include introductions to the heart, genetics, the tongue, the stomach, the teeth, and many more topics.

For a complete list of Dr. Robin’s lessons, click here: https://www.docrobinschool.com/all-lessons

During our 15-minute interview, I was awed by Dr. Dickinson’s passion for teaching. Because her live classes fill quickly, recorded sessions are also available. She targets lessons to children seven to eleven years old, but children as young as four as well as teenagers (and adults) also attend. New classes appear every week.

Many thanks to Robin Dickinson, MD, for speaking with me about her online pre-medical school for children, “Dr. Robin’s School.”

For more information on Dr. Robin’s School: https://www.docrobinschool.com/

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