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Publisher on Vacation!

Last Friday I received the final manuscript with the six corrections, all done perfectly. Now sitting at my desk waiting for the official "sign-off" form from DocuSign so that the book can go to the printer. Unfortunately, it is the day before Christmas, when all through the publisher's house, not a creature was stirring, not even the person who could send me the sign-off form!

I read a New York Times article today that discussed printer back-ups for authors all over the country. It seems books are selling well this season, which is a good thing, but the closure of one printing company and the merging of a couple of others have slowed printing orders from weeks to months. I feel sorry for authors whose books are selling well and would sell even better, but the printer (even Amazon!) is out of stock! How ironic it is to have a bestseller that no one can buy!

Such are the trials and tribulations of a writer's life.

Left a message with my publisher that it's OK to go to the printer! Probably a month or so before a book shows up in the mail. Can't wait to see it!

Will work on marketing plan in the meantime. I'm putting together a lecture and a number of short articles on locum tenens for physicians.

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