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Proofs Arrived!

Yesterday the proofs arrived from publisher for the cover and manuscript! Cover looks great (see pic) with their change in font. All I have to do now is review the proofs and hopefully find any typos that crept in during the writing process! Very exciting! Looking at January-February for publication date!

Anyone see any errors in the cover text?

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Anita White
Anita White
Dec 10, 2018

Hello Dr Wilner. It is great to read about your editing process and your tenacity and temerity as you navigate the Patient Picky work of editing. This is a Real Inspiration for me as I start work on my various book proposal projects for this winter. One most pressing is telling the story of our medical journey this past two years. It has been an Honor to be a part of the artistic process and I can hardly wait to see the finished book. Good idea to get another persons opinion on the editing..all the best!!!all the way to publication!

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