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Physicians Helping Physicians

For another ReachMD podcast, I had the opportunity to interview Michelle Mudge-Riley, MD, founder of Physicians Helping Physicians. After she completed her medical training, Dr. Mudge-Riley found that as much as she enjoyed learning about medicine, she was not destined for a typical medical career. Since then, she has coached other physicians who are exploring nonclinical careers and other nontraditional practices such as locum tenens.

Dr. Mudge-Riley is hosting a "celebration and networking" meeting in Austin, TX, April 6 and 7, 2019, for physicians to "talk about nonclinical careers and side gigs." Anyone interested should contact Dr. Mudge-Riley at her website. During our ReachMD interview, we had a great discussion about why doctors are dissatisfied as well as the array of alternatives available to them. If you have time, please listen here. Feedback is always appreciated! Thank you.

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