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New Podcast: The Challenge of Cybersecurity

Show Notes

Dennis Leber Recorded September 17, 2020


Dennis Leber, Chief Information Security Officer (CISIO) at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), Memphis, TN, joined me for this interview about cybersecurity. Dennis developed his cybersecurity expertise with a stint in the Marines, followed by 14 years in law enforcement. Looking to develop his career, Dennis discovered that cybersecurity addressed his desire to "serve and protect" and his interest in computers. He obtained a master's degree and is soon to complete his Ph.D. When the Army Reserve called him up to active duty in the 2nd Gulf War, Dennis applied his skills to military communications. Back in civilian life, Dennis worked IT in auto manufacturing and built cybersecurity systems from the ground up.

Scope of Responsibility

At UTHSC, Dennis is responsible for the security of tens of thousands of computers and systems, as well as several thousand users. During our 25-minute chat, Dennis explained the two schools of thought regarding changing passwords (or not), the value of password managers, and highlighted threats from "Brute Force Attacks" and "Rainbow Tables."


Although I couldn't pin him down on the dollar cost of UTHSC's cybersecurity, Dennis shared that the industry-standard for cybersecurity is 20% of the IT budget. Because security breaches can cost millions of dollars, cybersecurity has become necessary for every business and institution.


Dennis offered some tips on how individuals can protect themselves and their institutions from cyber-attacks. UTHSC requires students and faculty to participate in annual cybersecurity training based on the prior year's threats. He emphasized that cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility.


I learned that my email is NOT private--the institution owns it! Cybersecurity concerns, Freedom of Information Act Requests, and HIPAA audits can all trigger an email audit. Something to keep in mind…


Many thanks to Dennis Leber, Chief Information Security Officer at UTHSC, for sharing his cybersecurity expertise on "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner." New programs appear every two weeks on YouTube and your favorite podcast player. If you enjoyed this program, please subscribe!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by Dr. Wilner during this program are his and his alone and do not necessarily represent those of UTHSC.

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