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Mind-Body Medicine for Health Care Professionals

Many thanks to James Gordon, MD, for joining me for this 20-minute Medscape interview about stress reduction for health care professionals in the time of COVID-19. Dr. Gordon is a psychiatrist at Georgetown Medical School as well as the founder and executive director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC. Dr. Gordon has been a pioneer in helping people learn to deal with stress in their lives by exercise, healthy eating, meditation, mindfulness, and other holistic strategies. In this program, we discuss the educational mission of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and approaches to dealing with the added stress of the current Coronavirus pandemic. To learn more, please watch our interview on I look forward to interviewing Dr. Gordon again soon on “The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner.” We will discuss his new book, The Transformation, a compendium of techniques for healing after trauma. Stay tuned! #mind-body medicine #Coronavirus #holisticmedicine #TheTransformation #mindfulness

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