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Living the Locums Life-TALK2MEDOC Podcast

Many thanks to Andrew Tisser, DO, for inviting me to his podcast, “TALK2MEDOC”. We had a lot of fun talking about locums for nearly 45 minutes!

I did my first locums job in an ER in 1982 and have practiced locums off and on since then. I still work locums in addition to my permanent neurology position. Dr. Tisser also has first-hand experience with locums, which he did for two years after residency while his wife completed her medical training.

If you’ve considered trying your hand at locum tenens, our discussion should shed some light on how locums can enhance work/life balance and improve your negotiating position when considering a permanent job. Locums allows physicians to sample geographic locations and practice styles without making a permanent commitment. Locum tenens assignments can also smooth the transition to another medical position or nonclinical career.

The best physician candidates for locums are those who are confident, flexible, and know their stuff. We discussed the downsides of locums, too.

During our conversation, I addressed the merits of staffing agencies. An experienced agent can be particularly valuable for new locum tenens physicians.

Dr. Tisser also gave me an opportunity to mention my book, “The Locum Life: A Physician’s Guide to Locum Tenens.” For those of you who enjoy audiobooks, “The Locum Life” is now available from

To listen to the TALK2MEDOC podcast, tune in here:

Please share with friends and colleagues!

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