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John Jurica, MD, interviews Andrew Wilner, MD, about Locum Tenens

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

My friend and colleague, John Jurica, MD, producer of the always engaging Nonclinical Careers Podcast, interviewed me about locum tenens. John works as an urgent care physician, has been a CMO of a hospital, and has become an expert in helping physicians explore nonclinical careers. To this end, he just launched the Physician Nonclinical Career Academy. (While locum tenens is not a "nonclinical career," it is a nontraditional path that can lead some physicians to a better work/life balance and more joy in their careers. It worked for me!) If you have an interest in locum tenens you may find John's podcast helpful. Whether you are newly-graduated from residency, a mid-career physician looking to pay the bills, or a late-career physician who's not ready to retire, locum tenens offers an opportunity to practice medicine on your terms. Please check out the podcast here: John's example is at least partly responsible for the creation of my new podcast and YouTube program, "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner." John's a fascinating guy, and I'll be interviewing him for Episode #7 of The Art of Medicine, which will appear on May 17, 2020. Your comments are always welcome!

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