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Interview with Veena Jetti of ViveFunds

Veena Jetti: Real Estate Investments for Physicians

Many thanks to Veena Jetti, founder of Vive Funds, for sharing her expertise in real estate investing during this 20-minute interview. Veena’s company has a 1/2 billion dollar portfolio.

Veena invests in Class B and Multifamily real estate, which includes apartments with 200 units or more. These buildings cost millions of dollars, which are far too expensive for most individual investors. Consequently, after vetting these properties and doing due diligence, Vive Funds harnesses the purchasing power of multiple investors to complete the deal.

These purchases are typically long-term investments, which may not realize a profit until Veena resells the property several years later. Vive Funds puts their money where their mouth is by co-investing with the Limited Partners on every deal. Investors must balance the potential of high profits with the lack of guaranteed returns.

Veena offers a Masterclass to provide prospective investors a solid understanding of where the money goes and the likelihood of larger amounts returning! Masterclasses are staffed by experts and run for six weeks.

To register for the next class, check out You can register with this link:

For more information on investing, please contact Veena Jetti at:

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