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Gluten-Free Cooking with Chef Jen Peters!

Many thanks to Chef Jen Peters for joining me on The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner. Jen grew up in the kitchen baking with her mother, worked in food service as a teenager, went to culinary school, apprenticed in restaurants and hotels, and eventually became a full-fledged chef.

Despite her love of cooking (and eating!), queasy stomachs and headaches frequently followed mealtime. Her symptoms finally led to the diagnosis of gluten sensitivity. After just a few days on a gluten-free diet, her health improved dramatically. Inspired by her success, Jen decided to help others with gluten sensitivity enjoy conventional foods. Her passion led to experimentation with gluten-free substitutes to develop recipes that taste as good if not better than the original. During this 35-minute episode, Jen explains gluten’s role in traditional recipes and how to replace it successfully without losing taste or texture.

Jen’s husband, Hamid, is also a chef. Together, they formed The Good Flour Company to distribute their gluten-free creations online. Recently, they have branched into retail, and some of her gluten-free products are available to shoppers at Sprouts. For more information, contact Jen at her website:

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Thanks for listening! PS: For more entertainment, watch "Underwater with Dr. Andrew" on YouTube: / andrewwilner

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