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Free Locum Tenens Webinar

Many thanks to Chad Saley from CompHealth for inviting me to participate in a locum tenens informational webinar on May 25, 2021, 10 AM Mountain Time. Since the publication of my book, "The Locum Life: A Physician's Guide to Locum Tenens," I've had many opportunities to share my experiences and priceless pearls about locums. I've also interviewed other physicians who shared their locums experiences (including Dr. Zhu, see below).


For this ask me anything webinar, Dr. Rip Patel will be joined by neurologist Andrew Wilner and family practice physician Colin Zhu to discuss how working locum tenens allowed them to pursue medical jobs outside of clinical medicine. For Dr. Wilner a love of writing led to a career as a medical journalist and author in addition to his work as neurologist. Dr. Colin Zhu, also known as ChefDoc, focuses on using food as medicine and other ways to thrive in your life and works as a personal coach and motivational speaker.

Please join us on May 25, 2021, at 10 am Mountain Time:

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