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"Fighting for Air"

On my podcast, "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner," I host a variety of guests. I particularly love to speak with physicians who have made important contributions to medical practice and with physician authors.

My guest today, Dr. Ola Saugstad, fits both of these categories. Dr. Saugstad is a pediatrician and neonatologist. He decided early in his career to investigate ways to help the most vulnerable of patients, newborn infants. He challenged the standard practice of administering 100% oxygen to all newborns who struggled to breathe, hypothesizing that too much oxygen could be harmful. It took decades of research into the pathophysiology of neonatal hypoxia to prove his thesis. It took years more for the medical community to accept his conclusions and incorporate them into practice guidelines. The result? For many babies, resuscitation with air rather than oxygen is safer. Thanks to Dr. Saugstad’s research and willingness to stand by an unpopular opinion, hundreds of thousands of babies worldwide are saved every year!

Dr. Saugstad relates his story in the engaging memoir, “Fighting for Air.” This book, recently translated into English, is a fascinating read for those interested in the obstacles an independent thinker like Dr. Saugstad faced when challenging the status quo. It also provides a valuable behind-the-scenes look at the cumbersome mechanisms of scientific research.

I just finished reading “Fighting for Air.” It is a thoughtful and powerful autobiography. Dr. Saugstad was not only a dedicated researcher determined to improve children’s health, he was also a tireless advocate for those neglected by the health system. He steadfastly defended the rights of the unborn. He also fought for compensation and appropriate treatment for those with chronic fatigue syndrome associated with vaccination.

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