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Dr. Wilner Tours NASA

After a visit to Space Center Houston, we had the opportunity the following day for a behind the scenes tour of NASA. Many thanks to Captain Tyson Brunstetter and Dr. William Tarver for their gracious and generous hospitality! We saw astronauts training for an ammonia leak in a mock-up of the International Space Station, a test vehicle used by Neil Armstrong, as well as a real Saturn V rocket. The highlight was a visit to Mission Control. Dr. Tarver was manning the medical station, but we were able to visit during a a 6.5 minute break when there was LOS (loss of signal) with the International Space Station (see photo). It was incredible to see the "real thing!" (Check out the nod to Star Trek over my left shoulder!)

Captain Tyson Brunstetter, Dr. William Tarver, and Dr. Andrew Wilner in Mission Control

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