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Many thanks to for their friendly interview and allowing me to tell my life story! It's only a 5 minute read, but it's a true tale of how I have struggled throughout my professional career to balance writing and medicine. Every day is a challenge to do one or the other or both with my personal expectation that only the highest standards apply to both endeavors.

In my case, it's not just a case of achieving "work/life" balance, but to obtain "work/work/life" balance for "writing/medicine/life." It think that's true for anyone with an artistic talent (art, dance, music, writing) or other passion that requires enormous energy but is not likely to pay the bills. Locum tenens assignments helped me create space for work and writing that allowed me to put 100% into each one, but at different times.

I'd be interested to learn how others have achieved "work/work/balance!" Please share your experiences in the comments section.


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