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Case Report Published!

One of the pleasures of working as a staff neurologist at Regional One Health and an Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is the opportunity to teach medical students and residents. When we encounter a patient with an unusual problem during daily rounds, it's an invitation to determine whether our case is sufficiently unique to bring it to the medical community's attention through publication in a medical journal and presentation at a medical meeting.

However, after a library search, we often discover that similar cases, although rare, have already been published. In these instances, reviewing the literature is nonetheless a worthwhile learning experience.

Recently, we determined that a particular pregnant patient with headache and neck pain was sufficiently unusual to warrant publication. No one had ever reported a case exactly like this! Thanks to medical student Marcelo Morrice for his help in putting together the manuscript and figures.

Incidentally, the patient did great!

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