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Career Options After Residency

Yesterday, I had the privilege of lecturing to the UT neurology residents regarding their career options. I discussed the large number of career possibilities for physicians, which has increased significantly since I completed my fellowship in 1989! There are many new physician/administrative positions regarding IT, quality assurance, disease management, hospital administration, healthcare investing on Wall Street, and other careers that really didn't exist back then. Still, from my point of view, no career is more meaningful for a physician that patient care!

I also stressed the importance of a "financial education." They must do this to gain confidence in money management and to avoid becoming prey to unethical financial advisors and others who would target these potential "high income earners" in the future. Many books and blogs are available to assist, including those by "The Physician Philosopher" and "The White Coat Investor."

We also discussed the changing healthcare business environment, which has led to a decline in physician-owned practices resulting in more employed physicians.

There has also been an extraordinary growth of locum tenens--fueled by the increased mobility of physicians and the doctor shortage.

The residents seemed interested and appreciated this diversion from their usual obligations of digesting as much scientific information as possible during lectures!

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