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Are Male and Female Brains Different???

Many thanks to Maheen Mausoof Adamson, Ph.D., for joining me to discuss gender differences in traumatic brain injury. Dr. Adamson is Clinical Research Director for Rehabilitation Services at the Veterans Administration Palo Alto, CA, and Clinical Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford, CA. I’ve interviewed Dr. Adamson before on, and I’m grateful for this additional opportunity to discuss her research.

As the number of women in active military service and extreme sports increases, so does their risk of traumatic brain injury. Dr. Adamson speculated that anatomical variations between men and women, such as skull size, neck size, and hormonal differences, may play a role in both injury severity and healing. Her team’s research has revealed that traumatic brain injury symptoms can vary depending upon gender. For example, similar injuries resulted in more complaints of anxiety, cognitive dysfunction, depression, PTSD, and vertigo from women than men. Gender differences in traumatic brain injury may have critical implications when individualizing treatment with medication, neuromodulation, and rehabilitation.

Please join us for this 20-minute discussion on gender differences in traumatic brain injury. Additional information on Dr. Adamson’s research here:

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