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ABA Therapy for Autism: an interview with Emily Santagati, M.ED., BCBA,

Many thanks to Emily Santagati, M.Ed, BCBA, LABA, for joining me on "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner." Emily discovered during high school that she had a special place in her heart for helping people with disabilities. To pursue her goals, she achieved a Masters in Education and board-certification as a behavior analyst. Emily is the Chief Clinical Officer of the ABA Centers of America, which offers behavior treatment for autism and other disorders.

Because ABA therapy is individualized, it can be challenging to describe. Emily is here today to explain the background behind ABA therapy and how it can be applied to improve patient outcomes. If you are a teacher, have a child with autism, or know someone who does, you will find our conversation informative and valuable. Please join us for this 30-minute discussion.

For more information about ABA therapy, contact Emily at the company’s website: Emily also suggested another resource for those interested in learning more about ABA Therapy:

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PS: For some nonmedical entertainment, watch "Underwater with Dr. Andrew" on YouTube: / andrewwilner

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