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A Psychiatrist Writes: an interview with Steve Moffic, MD

Many thanks to Steve Moffic, MD, writer and award-winning academic psychiatrist, for joining me on The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner. Dr. Moffic was introduced to me by Ronald Pies, MD, another psychiatrist and writer whom I interviewed in Episode #63.

Dr. Pies recruited Dr. Moffic as a blogger for Psychiatric Times. Dr. Moffic has written on diverse topics including climate change, gaslighting and anti-semitism. He also creates weekly videos about “Psychiatry and Society.”

Dr. Moffic was a pioneer in applying managed care to people with mental health disorders. He led a program that tried to balance quality of care and financial constraints. Based on his experience, Dr. Moffic wrote a book on the ethical challenges of managed healthcare, “The Ethical Way: Challenges and Solutions for Managed Behavioral Healthcare.”

Controversy surrounding his approach led to the President of the American Psychiatric Association pronouncing publicly that Dr. Moffic was “evil.” (That was not my impression!) On a more auspicious occasion, Dr. Moffic received the “Hero of Public Psychiatry” award from the American Psychiatric Association.

Please join us for an informative and fascinating 30-minute discussion. To purchase “The Ethical Way: Challenges and Solutions for Managed Behavioral Healthcare,” Click here:

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