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A Brewing Story: Mistaken Identity and GoodGuy Coffee

This episode of “The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner” is a little different. It explores how the power of social media can suddenly upset one’s daily routine, and in this case, lead to an unusual and positive outcome.

Join me for an introduction to Jason Collier, DDS (not the other Jason Collier!). Dr. Collier is a dental surgeon in private practice in Memphis, TN, who experienced sudden internet fame due to a ne’er-do-well namesake in Texas. During this 20-minute episode, Dr. Collier relates how this case of mistaken identity changed his life and led to the creation of GoodGuy Coffee.

GoodGuy Coffee follows in the footsteps of Paul Newman’s brand, “Newman’s Own,” with profits destined for charity. Dr. Collier is also developing a reality show, which I can’t wait to see.

Many thanks to Dr. Jason Collier for sharing his story. You can follow Dr. Collier on his Facebook Fan Page and at www.GoodGuy.Coffee.

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