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9 Books for the PHysician Entrepreneur

My friend and fellow podcaster, John Jurica, MD, reviewed "nine excellent books" on his podcast for physicians considering a pivot to nonclinical or nontraditional careers. While I haven't read all the books on his list, I did write one of them! John was kind enough to include "The Locum Life: A Physician's Guide to Locum Tenens." John's weekly podcasts are always interesting and frequently accompany me on my early morning jogs. Feedspot listed his podcast as one of the top 20 physician podcasts (along with yours truly's). You can check out John's podcast here: By the way, The Locum Life will soon be available as an Audible Book. I'm in the process of narrating each chapter and almost halfway there. It's challenging and fun! Look for the audible version of The Locum Life by January 2021!

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