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5 Tips for Success

Many thanks to Dr. Heidi Moawad for posting my article, "Five Tips for Getting Started with Locums Tenens," on her website "Nonclinicaldoctors.com"! Heidi is a neurologist, like myself, and focuses her considerable energies on nonclinical aspects of medicine. Recently, she became editor-in-chief of Neurology Times, a great medical news site where I also contribute cases and articles.

Of course, locum tenens is a clinical pursuit. However, because assignments are time-limited, locums may serve as a bridge to a nonclinical career or as a companion. Many docs don't like being "put in the box" to do just one thing. Locum tenens allows physicians to continue their clinical work while increasing the opportunity for nonclinical pursuits.

For more about nonclinical options for physicians, check out Dr. Moawad's site. I've also recently discovered two excellent podcasts that feature physicians and their nonclinical adventures. "Docs Outside the Box," hosted by Dr. Nii Darko and "Doctors Unbound" hosted by David Draghinas, MD. I've enjoyed their fascinating guests, and I hope they continue to showcase these multidimensional physicians. If you have a chance to listen to their podcasts, please let me know what you think!

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