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Wealth ManagemenT for Physicians in the Time of COVID:an interview with Johanna Fox, CPA, CFP

In Episode #6 of the Art of Medicine, Dr. Andrew Wilner interviews Johanna Fox, CPA, CFP, the founder of Fox and Company CPAs. Johanna runs two sister companies-one provides accounting the other offers wealth management services.

A few years ago, I discovered Fox and Company CPAs while browsing the popular financial blog “The White Coat Investor,” where Johanna acts as a moderator. As a disclosure, since then I’ve worked with Laura Clifford, CPA, an accountant with Fox and Company CPAs, and been a satisfied customer. However, I’ve never taken advantage of their wealth management services, in part because I didn’t really understand what they were. I decided to interview Johanna to learn more.

In this 15-minute interview, Johanna explains what “wealth management” really is and how it can help physicians. She describes the training necessary to become certified financial planner (CFP) and how her firm has expanded to address the financial needs of her clients. She also emphasized that she works on a flat fee basis vs. the “assets under management” (AUM) approach of most financial planning companies. (The AUM model takes 1% or so, whether the portfolio grows or shrinks.) All of Johanna’s clients are physicians or dentists so she understands their struggle for work/life balance and the financial planning challenges they face.

This interview was recorded on April 2, 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Johanna observed that some physicians, such as dermatologists and pediatricians, have seen their practices wither or even had to close their doors. Her firm tries to assist with these creating new and unforeseen financial crises. Johanna also lent some advice for those who have seen their net worth plummet due to the recent stockmarket nosedive.

Many thanks for Johanna for sharing her time and wisdom with us. For those interested in learning more about her wealth management and accounting services, Johanna can be reached at:

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