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VaccinE story strikes a Nerve

Last week I published a story on KevinMD. I have written for KevinMD a few times. My previous article, "Life Hacks from a 9-month old infant," summarized the wisdom I had gained from my baby son, Jack. The article garnered 159 shares, which I was pleased to see. Everyone likes babies!

My experience with the COVID-19 vaccination, "An unexpected COVID-19 vaccine side effect," clearly resonated with the audience. It has been shared 25,000 times! Even my hospital, Regional One Health, in Memphis, TN, featured the story in their blog.

All of us should "Live long and prosper," as the saying goes, and the vaccine is one way to take a step in that direction. I hope everyone gets the vaccine and gets it soon. If you have reservations, please read my blog and reconsider!

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