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Three Nonclinical Career Conferences you don't want to miss

Today, there's a bonus episode of "The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner," because Michelle Mudge-Riley, MD, has 3 nonclinical career conferences coming up that I wanted to share.

Michelle is the founder of PhysiciansHelpingPhysicians and has worked for 18 years to help physicians discover and pursue nonclinical careers. According to Michelle, one of the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic is an uptick in physician interest in nonclinical careers.

Last year, Michelle held a very successful in-person conference with over 80 attendees. This year, she has organized three virtual conferences. The first conference, in July, will highlight the nonclinical and nontraditional career options available to physicians. The second, in September, offers in-depth information from physicians who have made the transition. The third, in November, will help physicians with the “how?” and offer a roadmap to get started. Conferences will include information on resume preparation, elevator pitches, interview techniques, as well as networking time. Physicians can register for one or more of the conferences.

Michelle kindly asked me to participate, and I’ll speak at the September Conference on locum tenens, a clinical but nontraditional career option for physicians. Although I would prefer an in-person conference, the COVID-19 situation currently prohibits large groups. On the other hand, benefits of the virtual conference include lower registration costs, no travel costs, and “pajama attendance” if desired.

Many thanks to Michelle Mudge-Riley, MD, for joining me today on The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner.

Click here to register or for more information.

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