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The Sidehustlemd summit: Locum Tenens and Other side gigs

An early locum tenens assignment in 1982 helped me discover that neurology was my calling. Later in my career, locums allowed me to travel for extended periods to Southeast Asia, become a PADI divemaster, and learn to make underwater films. Part-time locum tenens provided stimulating clinical work and a necessary paycheck.

To supplement income and expand their horizons, many physicians in 2022 are pursuing "side hustle" or "side gigs." Next week, there will be a FREE conference February 2-6, 2022, highlighting the many opportunities to generate income as well as invigorate one's life.

Of course, I'll be speaking about locum tenens, but check out the roster of many other interesting speakers, ranging from real estate investors to wellness experts.

Sign up for the SideHustleMD Summit with my affiliate link here:

If you attend, let me know how it goes!


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