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Medspa vs. dayspa with Leighann Landy, FNP-c

Many thanks to Leighann Landy, FNP-C, for sharing her experience as a co-owner of a Medspa with her husband, Stephen Landy, MD. If you follow “The Art of Medicine” regularly, you will remember that Dr. Landy and I had a great talk about migraines in Episode #32.

Leighann explained the difference between a Medspa and Dayspa. Botox, fillers, and lasers are popular Medspa treatments that require medical training to limit complications. Dark spots, telangiectasias, and wrinkles are all susceptible to amelioration. Leighann observed that the type of treatments available varies depending upon the individual Medspa.

Leighann emphasized that prospective patients should check the staff’s medical credentials when selecting a Medspa. They must also have realistic expectations regarding the expected results.

Before treatment begins, Leighann consults with each patient and discusses possible interventions and costs. Clients need to know that some procedures, like eliminating dark spots, may require more than one visit. Other treatments, like removing wrinkles with Botox, can be completed in one visit but wear off and need to be performed periodically. In some instances, Medspa techniques offer an alternative to more definitive surgery.

To reach Leighann for a consultation, visit Landy Headache and Esthetics, 311 S. Gloster Street, Tupelo, MS:

Thanks for watching!

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