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Locums for Millennials

Most locum tenens physicians find their assignments through a staffing agency like CompHealth or Staffcare. Alternatively, physicians contract directly with a clinic or hospital.

Unfortunately, there is no central database of locum tenens job opportunities to expedite the process of finding an assignment, which forces many physicians to use a third-party agency.

AirBnB and Uber are modern examples of services that have eliminated the "middleman." Recently, a few locum tenens companies, including Nomad, Lucidity, and Locumunity, have tried to streamline the assignment process. This approach appears particularly directed at Millennial physicians who are accustomed to manage many aspects of their lives with various "apps."

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with Haneen Abu-Remaileh, MD, founder of Locumunity. Watch our 8-minute Youtube video here as Dr. Abu-Remaileh shares her vision for disrupting the locum tenens industry: https://youtu.be/ReCX-WoFxjo

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