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Chapter 2 Posted!

Very excited about Chapter 2, "A Brief History of Locum Tenens." Always a pleasure to talk about Hippocrates and remember the long history of the medical arts. It's also humbling to realize that today's practice of medicine is just a data point on the path to future improvements in medical care.

My goal with this video series is to provide a brief synopsis of each chapter of my new book, "The Locum Life: A Physician's Guide to Locum Tenens." Many physicians have still not heard of locum tenens. It's a growing practice strategy to cope with the administrative hassles of medicine with the potential to improve work/life balance. Although it's not for everyone, all physicians should at least be aware that locum tenens exists as an option to enhance their professional and personal lives.

I'm working hard on the technical components of video production with Apple's Final Cut software and doing it all myself. Any helpful hints from experienced filmmakers are welcome.

Those wishing more information can check out the book on my website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or their favorite bookseller. Questions and comments will be very much appreciated!

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