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The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner has just surpassed 1,000 audio downloads and 32 episodes. Thanks to all my guests, who have all provided fascinating insights into their areas of expertise.

Well, I know 1000 downloads aren't that many if you compare it to podcast entrepreneurs like JDL, but it's a great milestone for the first year of The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner!

If you missed any of the episodes, they are archived at

32 Spectrum of Migraine with Stephen Landy, MD

31 Acupressure with Kyla Plaxton

30 Donnie Bell, MD-licensing and credentialing

29 Ken Sommerville, MD-Pharma

28 Jennifer Frontera, MD, COVID database

27 Kenneth Tyler, MD-COVID19 and viruses

26 Armin Feldman, MD-forensic medicine

25 David Weinstock, MD-physician scientist

24 Maureen Czick-COVID19 and locums

23 Jeff Anzalone, DDS-finance

22 Gene Sung, MD -brain death

21 Bruce and Dianne Milner-real estate

20 Dr. Naidoo-food as medicine

19 Alfred Alcorn-author

18 Dennis Leber-cybersecurity

17 James Gordon, MD-wellness

16 Anita White-artist

15 Paul Hill, MD-COVID19 mental health

14 Michael Weisberg, MD-author

13 Rabbi Abe Schacter-spiritual aspects

12 Paul Gross, MD-medical arts

11 Clint Hermes-legal aspects of biomedical research

10 Andy Fadenholz-full-time recruiter

09 Justin Allison-locum tenens recruiter

08 Robert McClean, MD-COVID19

07.5 Michelle Mudge-Riley, MD-nonclinical careers

07 John Jurica, MD-nonclinical careers

06 Johanna Fox, CPA, CFA-finance

05 Debra Blaine, MD-author

04 Rabbi Jeremy Simons-spiritual aspects

03 Ben Nanney, CPA, CFP-finance

02 Nichole Paskett-locum tenens recruiter

01 Nichole Paskett-locum tenens recruiter

Special thanks to all the listeners who made this happen. The number of subscribers continues to grow, and I’m very excited about upcoming guests.

I produce, edit, and host each episode, which averages about 20 minutes. To respect your time, we get right into the discussion. For your listening pleasure, programs are unencumbered by advertisements.

The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner is available on YouTube or your favorite podcast player.

Please share with your friends and colleagues!

As always, I welcome suggestions to improve the show. Reviews are welcome!

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